ATC 3D CNC Stone Carving Machine for Sale with Rotary Device

It is a 3D stone CNC router with automatic tool changer and rotary device, which greatly improves work efficiency.

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  • The z-axis is increased and the table is sinking, which increases the processing range.
  • The main shaft adopts water-cooled main shaft, which has fast cooling speed, low main shaft noise and high power.
  • Disk change tool saves tool change time and speeds up production efficiency.
    The rotating shaft can be moved, cylindrical carving can be carried out, and the processing range and diversity can be increased.
  • The bed structure adopts a new-style generous square tube, which has a large bearing capacity, no deformation, and good stability.


Name Parameter
Working Area 2100*1300*600mm
Tool Magazine 8 tools magazines
Voltage 380V, 3Phase, 50Hz or option
Voltage 380V, 3Phase, 50Hz or option
Control system Taiwan SYNTEC 6MB control system
Spindle 5.5kw Chang sheng ATC water cooling spindle
Inverter 5.5kw Fuling inverter
Motor 850w Japan YASKAWA servo motor
Driver 1kw servo driver with 3 pieces Japan Shimpo Reducer
Table Surface T-slot work table with water tank


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