5 Axis CNC Machining Center for 3D Models

This CNC machine is an entry-level five-axis CNC machining center for beginners and small business. It has the advantages of convenient movement, which is widely used in making 3D foam models.

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  • 1.Using world-famous brand accessories to ensure high processing accuracy, three-dimensional five-sided processing can be easily achieved, and each surface of the product can be evenly cut and engraved.
  • 2.It has a wide range of applications and can be used for product processing in the model industry, 3D processing, furniture industry, decoration industry and other industries.
  • 3.The fuselage adopts a worktable that can be moved forwards and backwards, which is convenient for processing, large load-bearing, and firmer.
  • 4.The transmission adopts the Japanese Yaskawa servo motor and the Japanese SHIMPO high-performance reducer, the machine processing is faster and more stable.
  • 5.It integrates deep relief, drilling, sawing, edging, chamfering, milling, hollowing, polishing and other processes.


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