3050 Low Bed 5 Axis Router Machine

Experience the power and versatility of our Low Bed 5 Axis Router for its high efficiency, excellent processing accuracy, and comprehensive processing capabilities;
It is the perfect solution for industries and professionals looking to achieve outstanding results in wood / foam carving, cutting, engraving, and other processing applications.

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  • Low Bed: Our 5 axis router has a low beds. This helps extend your work space with accurate and fast.
  • DMS control system: The machine uses a special control system called DMS. It’s made for working on 3D models. The machine can do different things because of its hardware platform.
  • German Demas 5-Axis Head: Our 5 axis router has a German Demas 5-axis head on its spindle. It is very precise and reliable, which makes our work turn out great.
  • Steel Gantry Fixed Structure: The machine is strong and stable because it’s made of tough steel. It can handle heavy things easily and is still easy to use.
  • Comprehensive Processing Capabilities: Our router can do lots of things like cutting, carving, engraving, and polishing. It’s really good at doing lots of different tasks quickly and accurately.


Name Description
working Area 3000mm*5000mm*1100mm
Spindle 10kw Germany DMASS spindle
Inverter 11kw DELTA inverter
Motor 2KW Japan YASKAWA servo motor
Control System DMS control system
Voltage AC380V/50HZ
 Linear guide Taiwan #45


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