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We will talk about Common types of CNC router machines in this article, it helps guide your buying right CNC:

Types A: Basic CNC Router
Types B: ATC CNC Router
Types C: 4 axis CNC router
Types D: Rotary axis CNC router
Types E: Stone CNC Machining Center
Types F: MINI CNC engraving machine
Types G: 5 axis CNC router
Types H: Foam CNC router

Types A: Basic CNC Router

This basic CNC machine is an entry-level CNC router for the woodworking engraving machine industry. It has the advantages of low cost, simple operation and convenient maintenance. This CNC wood router has the ability to perform movements around three different axes (such as X, Y, Z axes) simultaneously.

Types B: ATC CNC Router

ATC CNC router refer to these engraving machines equipped with automatic tool-changing devices. This type of CNC wood router can meet the tool change requirements during processing without manual involvement.

Types C: 4 axis CNC router

Four-axis CNC wood router refers to CNC machine whose processing paths include X, Y, Z and A axes. The spindle of this type of 4 axis CNC engraving machine can swing left and right, so the spindle can approach the work piece from multiple different angles and effectively process three effective machining surfaces.

Types D: Rotary axis CNC router

Rotary axis CNC engraving machine is also called 4th axis CNCwood router who refers to these wood carving machine with rotary device. And it mainly processes cube or cylindrical work pieces.

Types E: Stone CNC Machining Center

Stone CNC Machining Center is specially designed for a variety of stone processing. Judging from the processing path, it has the same processing path as ordinary engraving machines. With embossing, lettering, hollowing out, cutting, seamless stitching, surface treatment, desktop milling and other processing functions.

Types F: MINI CNC Router

Mini CNC router, also known as small engraving machine, home CNC router, Hobby CNC router. Compared with other common CNC machine, this small CNC engraving machine has a relatively small volume. Therefore, it is suitable for the fine processing of smaller carved surfaces, such as the surface treatment of badges, sand table models, and crafts.

Types G: 5 axis CNC router

5 axis CNC machine refers to CNC router which have at least five coordinate axes (three linear coordinates and two rotation coordinates) on a machine tool, and different coordinate axes can be coordinated and moved simultaneously for processing under the control of a CNC system.

Types H: EPS/Foam CNC router

EPS foam CNC router is also called CNC foam cutting machine. Relative to heavy-duty metal cutting machine, foam CNC machines are lightweight CNC machine. And compared with ordinary CNC machine, this type of foam CNC router has a larger processing size and processing stroke.

What are the Popular CNC Router Machine Table Size?

There are two processing sizes of common CNC router machines. One is the processing size of small format, and the other is the processing size of large format. Generally, the size of the small format CNC wood router includes:

note: 1 ft = 304.8 mm
Model Size in mm Size in ft (approxy)
ELECNC-6060 600mm * 600mm 2ft * 2ft
ELECNC-6090 600mm * 900mm 2ft * 3ft
ELECNC-1209 1200mm * 900mm 4ft * 3ft
ELECNC-1212 1200mm * 1200mm 4ft * 4ft

The engraving two-color plate is the most basic application of small format CNC wood router, which avoids unnecessary waste.
Large-format engraving machines include:

Blue Elephant provide many CNC router table size for your requirements.
Model Size in mm Size in ft (approxy)
ELECNC-1325 1300mm * 2500mm 4ft * 8ft
ELECNC-1530 1500mm * 3000mm 5ft * 10ft
ELECNC-2030 2000mm * 3000mm 6ft * 10ft
ELECNC-2040 2000mm * 4000mm 6ft * 13ft

The feeding widths of the engraving machines of the above models are more than 1350mm. The organic glass and PVC on the market The size of the board is 1220mm * 2440mm, so these models are more suitable for customers who need large format CNC engraving machines.


This CNC Router Machine Buyer Guide above is the relevant knowledge about what is a CNC router machine, CNC router types, CNC router table sizes.

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