Payment Policy:

  1. Cash:
    • Cash payment is accepted at the time of order placement.
    • Choosing cash payment enhances efficiency.
  2. L/C (Letter of Credit):
    • For countries that support L/C, we accept this form of payment.
    • Our company can accommodate L/C payments.
  3. PayPal:
    • PayPal payments can be made using your email ID as the PayPal account.
    • Suitable for small transfers and preferred by some customers.
    • The payment amount includes the total order amount plus a 4.4% PayPal charge.

    PayPal ID: [email protected]

    • If you prefer an alternative transfer method, we accept Westunion/MoneyGram.
    • Bank charges will apply as per international regulations.Westunion/MoneyGram:
  4. RMB Account:
    • If you have an agent or can transfer funds to our RMB account, it is accepted.
    • This method is convenient and fast for us to process orders.
  5. T/T (Telegraphic Transfer):
    • T/T is accepted from all customers and in various currencies such as USD, EUR, HKD, CNY, etc.
    • This is a convenient and cost-effective method with lower bank charges.

Note: Bank charges will apply as per international regulations for all payment methods.