Payment Process Guide & Suggestions

Purchasing Process Guide for CNC Router Machine

1) Consult:

When you have decided to buy a 3D CNC router for stone, wood, soft metal, you can contact our sales staff through WhatsApp, phone, email, etc., and then tell us all the questions you want to know. After understanding your needs, we will recommend you the best CNC machine for stone working, wood working;

2) Quotation:

After you have a better understanding of the machine you intend to buy, you can discuss the price with us. We promise that we will provide you with the most detailed quotation and the most favorable CNC machine price;

3) Evaluate:

After signing the contract, we will carefully negotiate the details of the order, including technical parameters, machine specifications, and business terms;

4) Production and inspection:

After receiving your deposit, we will produce the machine according to your specific requirements. In addition, we will also notify you of the real-time update of the router machine manufacturing. During the production process, we will carry out strict quality control and testing on the machine regularly to ensure that it can operate normally;

5) Packaging and delivery:

We will carry out a safe packaging of the machine to ensure that the goods are delivered to you intact. The delivery method will be arranged according to the actual situation. Don’t worry, we will choose the most convenient transportation way for you.

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