Round Stone Slab Top under Vertical Cut by CNC Bridge Saw Machine

ROund Stone Slab

Vertical Cut

5 Axis CNC bridge saw machine is born for vertical cutting of stone slab, and rectangle stone slabs, round stone slabs are right what 5 axis cnc bridge saw good at, also they are basic and popular elements in stone fabrication industry.

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Countertop Shape Cut Out By Cnc Bridge Saw 03

Circle kitchen tops, pros, cons, and suitable usage:


Unique and Eye-Catching Design:

A circular kitchen countertop stands out and adds a distinctive focal point to the kitchen. It can create a visually striking and memorable design element.
Smooth Flow and Accessibility: The absence of sharp corners on a circular countertop allows for a smooth flow of movement around the kitchen. It also provides easy accessibility to different areas of the countertop.

Space Efficiency:

A circular countertop optimizes space utilization, especially in compact kitchens. It allows for efficient movement and can provide ample workspace within a smaller footprint.

Enhanced Interaction:

A circular countertop design encourages face-to-face interaction among people, making it suitable for socializing and gathering while cooking or entertaining.


Challenging to Integrate:

A circular countertop may be more challenging to integrate into existing kitchen layouts or designs due to its non-standard shape. Custom fabrication and installation may be required.

Reduced Linear Workspace:

The absence of straight edges in a circular countertop can limit the linear workspace available for certain tasks such as food preparation or placement of appliances.

Reduced Seating Capacity:

Compared to straight-edged countertops, a circular countertop may have limited seating capacity, depending on its size and layout.
Suitable Usage:

Modern and Contemporary Kitchens:

Circular countertops are particularly suitable for modern and contemporary kitchen designs, adding a sleek and unique element to the overall aesthetic.

Open Floor Plans:

Circular countertops work well in open-concept kitchen layouts where the countertop can be a central feature visible from different areas of the living space.

Compact Kitchens:

The space-efficient nature of a circular countertop makes it a good choice for compact kitchens where optimizing space is crucial.

Social and Entertaining Spaces:

Circular countertops are ideal for kitchens that serve as social hubs or spaces for entertaining, as they encourage interaction and conversation.

It’s important to consider the available space, functionality needs, and design preferences when deciding on a circular kitchen countertop. Customization and professional assistance from a stone fabricator will likely be required to ensure proper fabrication and installation.

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