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Granite Sink Cutouts

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5 Axis CNC bridge saw machine is born for granite sink cutouts, related machining methods including: sink cutouts, faucet hole open, drainage channel engraving & carving.

The max machining thickness is up to 100 mm, meeting most kitchen countertop requirements.

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Granite-Kitchen-Countertop-Sink-Cutouts Photo Credit to Everything Stone

Granite sink cutouts using a 5-axis CNC bridge saw are a highly precise and efficient method in stone fabrication. The 5-axis CNC technology allows for intricate and complex cutting operations, including sink cutouts, with enhanced accuracy and speed. Here’s an introduction to the process and a cheat list for granite sink cutouts using a 5-axis CNC bridge saw:

Introduction sink cutouts by bridge saw:

A 5-axis CNC bridge saw is a cutting-edge machine used in stone fabrication that offers advanced capabilities for sink cutouts. It utilizes a combination of computer-controlled movements along five axes (X, Y, Z, and two rotational axes) to achieve precise and intricate cuts. This level of control allows for the creation of intricate sink cutouts in granite and other stone materials.

Cheat List for Granite Sink Cutouts using a 5-Axis CNC Bridge Saw:

Design and Measurement:

Ensure accurate measurements and provide a detailed sink template or CAD design to the CNC operator. This will guide the machine in creating the precise sink cutout.

Secure Stone Slab:

Carefully secure the granite slab onto the CNC bridge saw table, ensuring it is firmly held in place for stability during the cutting process.

Tool Selection:

Choose the appropriate cutting tools for the specific granite material and sink cutout design. The CNC operator will select the most suitable tools based on the project requirements.

CNC Programming:

Create a CNC program that defines the sink cutout dimensions, shape, and depth. The program guides the 5-axis CNC bridge saw to accurately execute the desired sink cutout.

Alignment and Calibration:

Align the CNC machine with the slab and calibrate the tool paths to ensure precise cutting along the programmed sink cutout design.

Cutting Process:

Start the CNC machine and allow it to perform the sink cutout according to the programmed instructions. The 5-axis CNC bridge saw will make precise and controlled movements to create the sink cutout with minimal errors.

Finishing Touches:

Once the sink cutout is complete, ensure any rough edges or imperfections are smoothed out through grinding and polishing processes. This will ensure a clean and finished appearance.

Quality Control:

Inspect the sink cutout for accuracy and quality. Verify that it matches the design specifications and fits the sink perfectly.


By utilizing a 5-axis CNC bridge saw for granite sink cutouts, stone fabricators can achieve highly precise and custom-shaped cutouts with efficiency and consistency. The advanced technology of the 5-axis CNC machine allows for intricate and complex sink designs, ensuring a seamless integration with the countertop and providing a professional and visually appealing result.

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