Stone Fabrication Business' Choice

4, 5 Axis CNC Bridge Saws & Stone Slab/Tile Cutting Lines

It is able to Stremline the production, Improve the efficiency and Save labors

4-Axis, 5-Axis CNC Bridge Saw Machines for Stone Fabrication is good at cutting Natural Stones, such as Granite, Marble, Quartz; Engineered Stones, Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles, Concrete & Other Material Bricks, Slabs, etc.

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Continuous Quartz Cutting Machine Prodcution Line

Why Choose the OTOMIC CNC Stone Slab/Tile Cutting Lines

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Automatic Stone Cutting Production Lines for Slab Title Cutting

Stone Slab Tile Cutting Machine Production Line meets the rapid need of stone fabrication industry: automatic, low cost, easy operation & environmental. It is mainly for granite, marble, quartz cutting to size, polishing, especially for engineered stone, prefabricated concrete brick slab cutting.

Main machines in stone cutting production line:

4 Axis 5 Axis Bridge Saw Cutting Machine: Straight Line Cutting, Curve Line Cutting, Circle Line Cutting, Mitter Cutting, Bevel Cutting, Hole Boring, etc.

Loading & Unloading Equipment: Slab Material Moving, Uploading, Unloading, Automatic Feeding, etc.

Slab Thickening Machine: Ajusting the Thickness of stone slab by Milling or Grinding.



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