Types of Cuts Popular in Stone Fabrication by CNC Bridge Saw Cutting Machine

There are several types of cuts commonly used in stone fabrication, especially when working with stone kitchen countertops. Some of the most common types of cuts include:

Straight Cuts: Straight cuts are the most basic and straightforward type of cut. They involve making a straight, linear cut across the stone slab, typically used for cutting stone to size or creating straight edges on countertops.

Curved Cuts: Curved cuts involve cutting stone along a curved path or shape. This type of cut is used to create rounded or curvilinear edges on countertops or to create custom shapes in the stone.

Bevel Cuts: Bevel cuts are made at an angle to the surface of the stone, creating a sloping edge or chamfer. Bevel cuts are often used to add an angled edge detail to countertops or to create decorative features.

Miter Cuts: A miter cut is an angled cut made across the width of the material at a specific angle, typically 45 degrees or any other specified angle, for material joined together seamless.

Vertical Cuts: Vertical cuts are made perpendicular to the surface of the stone, extending from the top surface to the bottom or from one edge to the opposite edge. Vertical cuts are typically made using specialized stone-cutting machinery, such as CNC bridge saws or waterjet cutters, which offer precise control and accuracy.

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